The Spanish Language Department of The British Centre is dedicated to providing personalized and flexible instruction in the Spanish Language to non-native speakers. Our aim is to provide high quality instruction that meets the needs, interests and schedule of each client. Programs can be designed for specific professions (medical, financial, technical, etc.), specific situations (giving presentations, travel abroad, etc.) and specific interest areas (architecture, history, cooking, etc.). The course content is thus controlled by the student rather than by the institution. This assures that course content will meet student expectations and that the language learned will be appropriate to his or her particular situation. The student may also determine the schedule (day, hour, and location) according to his or her needs. We find that this flexibility provides our learners with practical solutions in today’s busy world.


Our staff is highly trained in the field of Spanish as a Second Language. All of our instructors hold at least an associate degree in teaching Spanish and have experience teaching Spanish as a Second Language. The Spanish Centre also provides training workshops to update their skills. Instructors are hand-picked to work with students, taking into consideration interests, skills, personality, professions, and schedules. We also consult with our students prior to enrollment in order to determine their preferences regarding their instructor.


The focus of the curriculum is communicative language teaching. By communicative we mean language that is used in real life situations parallel to those in which the student is likely to find him or herself. Both the grammar and vocabulary foci are determined by the student’s needs and the order in which the particular structures and content will be useful to him or her. The programs tend to deal with immediate needs first, before moving on to more complex situations, structures, and vocabulary. The four skills (reading, listening, speaking, and writing) are integrated into the program from the beginning, enabling the student to develop his or her Spanish skills in a broad rather than narrow form. As always, we can adapt both the length, content, and design of the course to fit individual student needs.

Special services

The Spanish Department of The British Centre is available for all of your language needs. Some of the services we can provide include translation services (English to Spanish and Spanish to English, and other languages), bilingual interpreters, tour guides, and bilingual companions for difficult situations such as doctor’s office visits and complaints in public services offices. We can also provide more intensive courses, immersion and partial immersion programs, and can arrange 'homestays' for clients who are either not residing in Mexico or who are visiting before moving. Our services can be expanded according to our students’ requests. Let us know what you need!